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tv   Mayors Press Availability  SFGTV  April 15, 2017 11:15pm-12:01am PDT

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twice this year so i kind of want to reiterate when they talk about the storms their happening much more often than 5 and 25 years the other thing i want to mention they're talking about the rate payers having some burden from repairs to flooded areas i want to point out as a matter of equity that water is coming from those way fastest does seem like this is something that we all have a shared responsibility for and it seems to me that it is appropriate that cost should be distributed across the city since the wait comes from all over the city we're all in it together and want to see the city make more of an effort and share the other speakers concerns that their does seem to be well, if there
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is a flooding no matter what you can see that to any flooding to discriminate between flooding that should be happening or would happen versus can be repaired there needs to be more effort. >> thank you. next speaker. >> hi, i'm margaret i will open folsom one mr. cook from 17 and folsom i experienced the 2000 flood they saw a mess that was very high i believe if you can get that picture. >> overhead please. hold on a picture of me i was - it has a four and a half inch lift and it is so high that it goes up to any waste this is how
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high we were trying to go through the intersection of 16 and folsom that was up to that hood of my joel koppel we cannot enter and couldn't cross folsom that was a big old heavy dumpster on the force of that water towards that that was the most amazing site that is how much force in the water i don't understand how it could have gotten it high and that much force i asked someone ii asked john used to use for the waterworks he said i don't know so, anyway that are problems we're not investigating and other things the question that says ahsha safai and said what does it motivator if it is one percent of the population it
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matters it is called tracking when we were in height services they were trained us in tracking those areas people are going through it sewage water it has e. coli and is is dirty even though it is delutdz by the next day high on the walls and the sidewalks it is it diluted it is dehydrated. >> i appreciate your testimony thank you so much >> next speaker. >> my name is chris, i have a business on folsom between 17 and 18 i've been there less than 5 years the neighborhoods typically last 20 to thirty minutes where the service is into the building and goes away we talked about a temporary
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solution nothing hold that where the water could go and the sewage what is pumped and not be normally costing hundred millions of dollars each neighborhood has been impose to seismic requirements to fix the issues if we can dispose of them rather than fixing the whole of san francisco that will say a great solution and more than happy to talk about the ideas. >> thank you very much. >> next speaker, please. >> can i get a speaker card. >> thank you. i'm david hooper i get to the be the accident of the new terrace association and it is mission terrace i'd like to thank you all of you for having this hearing it makes a big difference the greater the
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exposure the more details i've spent almost 2 and a half years on this i want to focus on a couple of points the bottom of cayuga the cul-de-sack is one and 20 feet above seawall it entered a ravine on mission and a viaduct and the problem is an engineering problem between the concrete we have between and with two 80 there we've created a situation we channel the water it goes to the lower area and backed up we have built up a lot of sidewalks we've built a lot of roofs and water falls on a roof goes sweet spot sewer we created this and we have to i don't have my
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respect for those - what we are smelling that the idea of displacement if you want to talk about displacement and part of the city it is a major item the homes on cayuga in particular are not expensive relative to the rest of the city it is a real tough situation there is a community especially on this part of cayuga the problem stepped to the seven hundred block of cayuga not just the cul-de-sack this problem extends all throughout the city for awhile the puc was relatively tone-deaf they've improved not as bad - >> thank you thank you very much for your testimony. >> next speaker, please. >> welcome such new faces i've
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been around for 25 years. >> my name is ace and i'm on the case. because some of those people don't want me all in this place but no mystery just check black history wow. i've been working on some cases involved with a lot of conspiracies and some people don't like me but i don't care so i'm here for the 3 c children children children let me get back to channel two i this government channel i created it i'll get my titles my name is ace and i'm on the case. i'm here with the people with the problems go to the puc the department is good if you want to know about the infrastructure
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go to the puc and found out what is going on but bring a delivery to any sisters on this board supervisor president london breed and supervisor cohen i made a vow not to talk about them but to tell them today that might be taken away we're in a state of emergency we don't have to ask me ask mayor ed lee or online e olsen lee about the residents going to be mad and sad their going to take their pad and trump talking about two years i want to him to come to fillmore street tweet tweet tweet ladies and gentlemen, my name is ace and i'm on the case. and took out the bad and but in the good and tell them to the sisters they better act right my name is ace and i'm on the case. >> thank you is there anyone else that would
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like to speak during public comment seeing none, public comment is closed. colleagues any other questions for the puc before the closing comments. >> yes. supervisor safai. >> i want to call the general manager back up i know you're not the general manager at the time that was ed harrington but what i heard was disturbing to me i want to know if this is true was there $400 million allocated for this area of town alamany improvements that was reallocated to another part of city. >> i'm not sure. >> (inaudible). >> yeah. we can get back to you on that so, yeah. >> yeah. is that essentially warm up talking about the alamany the three hundred and 69. >> i will say that one, the of
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the things instead of going through and investing moping money we took a step back with the improvement project to say what are we trying to solve how much water to convey out of those areas so we had to determine how much water and then identify the projects that will accomplish that so that's what we start to do when we did the sewer system improvement project so that's how we making investments now. >> i i understand i want to make closing rashgs from working in the neighborhoods for the last you know 14 years and feeling the general frustration of feeling neglected and overlooked and treated like the forgotten part of city and years money was allocated bonds i'm assuming the program for that part of town and reallocated
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somewhere else and then dealing with - >> you know consistent flooding that will raise the level of distrust for the city not on our shoulder you were not the general manager at the time bus that is very disappointing. >> supervisor yee. >> oh. >> yes. thank you. >> thank you supervisor yee for calling this hearing this is - i know i've learned a lot and i want to say that the flooding situations omi oh, my god i'm wondering we're talking about like huge developments so are we taking into account i know that most of it comes from the storms it is still the same sewage
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pipes we're using for the hundreds and 50 thousand 200 and 50 thousand to new residents of san francisco and when i look at the circle of where it look i'm sorry not just the it is development many, many, many blocks away with - so i - i mean my xhavent are we considering the flooding when we approve the projects with those huge projects we're approving. >> so one of the things we started to do when i became the general manager we institutionalized and worked through the board stormwater board so basically, what we're saying is it if our developing new property or you know
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upgrading the property to collect and maintain stormwater onsite and so that's what we've been doing the other thing i want to point out is that over the years the amount of water use has gone down; right? because of the back in the day with 6 gallons per flush if you look at how much water went into the sewer that actually is less water during dry weather into the sewer less water putting down the toilets and most folks showering so if you look at the growth the capacity in the sewers have increased because of dry weather water flows are reduced because of water conservatism so we put the as far as the development is concerned predominantly concerned we have managed stormwater.
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>> okay. thanks we know that with number 45 now with our president i think that we don't know at what will happen so the environment and i feel this is like we're seeing this amount of water we're getting that will be on a regular basis and other states are fooling severe severe drought so this hearing that i think the responsibility of all san franciscans we're not in a my district in district one that affects us it smokeless we pinpointed a few areas that are severe in san francisco and we have to actually repair so i'm wondering if this is something that you think we should be
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allocating money from the general fund or from other reserves we have in an emergency situation to be put towards them i don't - we might as a city have to cough that up it seems like this is the problem that is dangerous we can't lose a lot of lives in the neighborhoods i'm just bringing it to my colleagues for discussion perhaps later to allocate direct city services to fix that resolve thank you. >> so i'll make comments we'll go down the lines and supervisor yee to close us out first, i actually at a point was a legislative aide in the district 9 office i went into the sewers in my district and can attest
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not a rainy day and hardly any water that was interesting and a disgusting experience and if i didn't know what i was getting myself into but want to confirm i saw that with my own icy want to just appreciate everyone who came out and expressed your anger and frustration eloquently and supervisor i can imagine the stress in your faces and wanted to acknowledge that and thank you for coming out and expressing and dealing with that this is just angle incredibly hard problem to fix i mean yes, i'm compelled by many of our testimony that is a known issue for hundreds of years and yet we
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spent the whole $14 billion to renovate, upgrade your entire system in the entire city. a one hundred year storm who prevent flooding in 10 minutes when this is heavy rainfall that is the balancing act we're asked to figure out as a city i agree with supervisor fewer and supervisor safai that is a citywide problem shouldn't fall on the backs of the one percent who is homes are flooded every year that we need to take care of that and being directed to your homes it is just not clear to me that you know creating you mean upgrading the entire sewer system is the answer and that will not solve the problem i really like mr. hickey said my neighborhood would like to see more analysis around not only a
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neighborhood by neighborhood issue but a parcel by parcel sort of review of what could we do with each individual parcel to prevent the flooding on 7th street and folsom the cafe tdm of the grant program for the flood barrier and finally got to test that in the last big storm that works it prevented the flooding at the cafe on folsom so finally prove that acts in that area of 7th street and folsom that has flood barriers if it is similar typography to the cafe we can prevent the needing with that barrier and at least a step forward on 7th street and folsom the puc has been ousted there and my office i was under talking to the neighbors and let's make sure we get this really low impact
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barriers on as many households as possible that is ongoing that my office is doing together with the puc but in terms of the new programs you're investigating whether it is raising the foundation of the home or purchasing the home, you know, at a price that allows the families to move within san francisco i think that there will be certain homes we're not going to find a solution and that that might be the only solution to make that a program that presents a real possibility to the homeowners i think that something that we need to focus on as a city so with that, i want to thank everyone for coming out and send it off to supervisor sheehy >> so a couple of things and thank you supervisor yee for holding this hearing i think i wasn't in this office
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but for a few days when the first flood happened you have to really experience what is going on i mean it is just not healthy not heath and i felt so bad for my neighbors that was literally two or three blocks down the hill up the hill in edgar park one concern it sounds like like the mitigation efforts from the flood are incomplete so when i was there there was a city attorney and deploying the mitigation strategies and am i incorrect we help the folks to recovery so, yeah please. >> what we've done in the low
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lying areas worked with the city attorney and have restoration copies move the sheetrock and other inactivated vietnam out of water so that we can reduce the ability for molding to happen and so that's what we've been working with the city attorney's office and then if there is any claims taking a lead on now claims. >> so if ongoing problems is there a way to connect individuals the puc or the zoo i do think the heart is still to smell the mold i don't know if automobiles are still damaged nothing can't be done i know i saw that i thought how can they
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clean this up so someone i think one individual expressed odd o ongoing issues for her and her family's health but a point of contact contact to be made or maybe through my office i just don't want to leave people - and typically work there did city attorney but put a contact person from the puc we work with the city attorney's office as a relates to claims. >> great and then the only other thing that was said to echo supervisor ronen i do hope that july because your target data memo of options that we can offer certainly in cayuga with the people in cayuga that can point to a long term solution
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because ichltd this is going on a long, long time and it is not something we as a city should you know be comfortable with and the one percent comment got flooded not representative to the people at the puc or any of us up here it is just trying to scope the problem but see what happens in july and certainly gave me all the stakeholders and i know that people want to stay in the city that has got to be our priority and surely interest to make that viable no way. >> thank you sorry i have to say we're not allowed to shout out from the audience sorry we can't have
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this conversation please show our hands thank you very much. >> okay. let me wrap up first of all, the question that supervisor fewer asked in regards to the new development recently, i received a bunch of e-mails as some people know ocean avenue is developed quite rapidly in the last since in office one year before i came into office been 5 hundred units right along stretches of 6 blocks and there is more development being offered at the time so people will be concerned who we looked at this issue of who building all the center units will actually increase the capacity for the flood order to
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getting to the system and i guess the answer is this seems significant or in terms of how much the units will be using the capacity of the sewer lines i have to say i want to thank the public for coming out, i wish that i mean there was actually a lot of individuals homeowners and people in any district that were impacted very few came today because of a variety of reasons but one for the public to come out and puts u put a face on the people effected thank you for coming and want to say that i want to thank the puc harlan and staff
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for innovate just one way about a solution the offered quite a few variety of thinking at this point i actually like some of the long term solutions that can impact a few of those areas unfortunately smoeld because your issue is one of the tougher ones but i think our capacity to put solutions together will come of something i also appreciate that you're thinking about those other short term types of solutions particularly like the concept of raising the homes a little bit so with the basement or whatever is in the basement that for
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instance, involve could be raised and damaging that i'm hoping that you'll come up the department will study that further and i'll significant that you study you can look at quite a few of those individual homes and see what are the sort of different possibilities what that takes and so forth because one thing to say raise that and so many factors in regards to what is practical and not practical i'd like to study that and come back with a - some answers what i want to do is this is to me not a one-time discussion i think this is a quick discussion
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we're having some kind of dialogue and like to ask i can't make the motion but someone make a motion to continue this item or hearing to the call of the chair so that maybe in 6 to 8 months you know as for the department to come back and let us know what has been done. >> thank you. >> (inaudible). >> supervisor yee just a friendly amendment we've asked the department to potentially come back with some of the solutions in july so we get into 8 months the rainy season for some of the memo of options we wanted to have this potentially the foundation, and where barriers and that kind of thing so in 3 months july is that possible. >> director harlan kelly is
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that. >> can we come up with some of the answers by july. >> yeah. i think by late july or august we'll hopefully have flushed out potentially input and talk with the commission hopefully the board and everyone and flush out those options. >> sorry we were distrusting the first meeting in september after the august break. >> this is exceptional for me as long as question have solutions. >> as the chair the committee i'm also very open to schedule this hearing whenever the appropriate time is my district is pressed with cayuga and the most impacted areas i have a ton of interest ♪ topic mike maybe national set a
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particular date if we can do that earlier i'd like to do that earlier than later have a motion to continue to the call of the chair and work with the colleagues and puc to schedule this as soon as the information is available and we'll collectively put pressure on the puc to make sure that is done as quickly as possible >> perhaps the motion should be there should be a hearing or continue the hearing no matter september. >> yeah. >> unfortunately supervisor yee the dates hesitate to be continued to a date certain. >> colleagues, we all have so many interest and not let up so we all workout and saying on the record i will put that as a
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priority hearing on the agenda as quickly as possible if i can have a motion to continue this to the call of the chair. >> so moved. >> without objection passes. >> mr. clerk, is there any additional business to come before this body? >> there's no further business. >> thank you with that, the committee has come to a close. >> san francisco
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board of supervisors for today monday, april 10, 2017, i'm the chair the committee
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acting it chair supervisor peskin joined by supervisor tang and sit for mark farrell supervisor jeff sheehy our clerk alicia that has bronchitis and want to thank thes at sfgovtv for live streaming this madam clerk would you or john read number one, please oh, are there any announcements. >> please silence any devices that may sound off during the proceedings. items acted upon today will appear on the april 18th board of supervisors agenda unless otherwise stated and why not get a housekeeping motion to excuse supervisor farrell motion by supervisor tang and without objection and madam clerk can you please read the first >> number one, an ordinance
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item no. 1 - planning code affordable housing requirement and fee in divisadero and fillmore neighborhood commercial higher residential development potential as a result of the zoning of divisadero street neighborhood commercial transit district and the fillmore street neighborhood commercial transit district in 2015 and making appropriate understanding autopsy thank you. i have been informed by supervisor president london breed that she would like this matter continued and representing her office is mr. michael sir any words. >> no good afternoon, supervisors we would like to ask this item to be continued to may 1st if possible. >> a continuance to the first day of may 2017 a couple of three weeks from today anyone from the public wish to comment to item number one, that is to be continued momentarily please come up if
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you have any comments and give each speaker two minutes madam clerk. >> first. >> next speaker, please. >> supervisors my name is dennis i'm a newly lifetime resident of d 5 and a native san franciscan and find the current i support the continuance because i find it unacceptable we need more affordable housing and this measure primarily supports more market-rate housing at a tiny - for low income working people thank you. >> thank you, sir. >> next speaker, please. >> hi jennifer with the san francisco tenants union 0 we learned look the area medium income in the western edition is 54 percent so this proposal that supervisor president london breed for the
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building didn't reflective the reality of the situation on the 0 ground and as pointed out we shouldn't be doing policy based on antidotes about our friends but real data the san francisco did a survey of people evicted and 69 percent earn under 50 thousand a year a need more affordable housing and we support this continuance because we oppose this developed until the low income housing is as high as it can possibly go. >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> good afternoon, supervisors gus hernandez chair of the steering committee for affordable units we found out this hearing was continued as you can see we brought a lot of folks in the neighborhood worship here to to help to improve the legislation that supervisor president london breed has put
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forward instead of a last time and shows her approach to the excluding the community we're asking - support the continuance we believe the additional time will allow for more improvements we you couldn't request during the continuance between now and when the matter is heard again that supervisor president london breed and the planning department engage with the community and hold a forum for the issues to be discussed why has she not met with us we wanted more affordable housing not less and the proposed at the lagging last hearing is not enough we hope to be here in may to support the legislation that complies with the demands of the community and offers truly affordable housing not for high
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income people over the 3450e78d or for people who actually need affordable housing thank you thank you, mr. hernandez and you're all welcome to testify to the members of this panel on may 1st and supervisor president london breed staff is here so you're absolutely welcome to comment and i believe that mr. hernandez that supervisor president london breed does intend to meet with the community in the days and weeks ahead hopefully to come up with a collaborative compromise. >> next speaker, please. >> my name is - >> and work with the eviction collaborative and i'm here also in hope that we'll be back in may to take part in the legislation that complies with the demand of our community and offers truly affordable housing.
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>> thank you so much. >> next speaker, please. >> hello. thank you having this hearing i'm don i've lived in north of page offer 15 years i work at i'm retired but volunteer at at safe energy clinic and dye breed that was able to do full-time or at least half time organizing while working part time in retail addressing energy issues with the san francisco power including stopping the uss mississippi and going down in south and many other campaigns to the south west, etc. i fear that the way rents are going i'm able to do that partly because
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of rent-controlled but if i lose that placed san francisco will be his for me it is made history to a lot of us already i strongly support the move to continue this legislation to give it better consideration to give much more public input than allowed up to now and thank you all for your deliberation on this and try to make me not a extinct residents in san francisco. >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> hi, i'm jena member of the neighbors unit a district g progressive club and i support the continuance we hope had long line of people shows how much the community absolutely is no longer standing for folks rolling out unaffordable housing legislation spending more - it
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is frustrating and happy that commissioner london breed will speak to the community we've been asking for a long time i'm happy that we'll get the chance to talk about where we need in the community and thank you very much for the continuance. >> thank you. next speaker. >> hello chair peskin i'm a district 56 resident moved here in 1999 a local policy advocate as someone that lived here over a time period the city has changed the idea that we are talking about nothing less the citywide requirement more affordable housing for my neighborhood is completely insane the situation is way, way worse than the citywide requirement was instituted and
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pulling back instead of moving forward will be as insane as cutting back on climate action at a time things are a new level of bad if we think that our action at the federal level is counterproductive the same thing it true in the housing policy in san francisco we need more affordable housing than we have by such a magnitude whatever policies instituted will not be enough so we need to be aggressive and be here kabul for more affordable housing unless the policies with the city and county of san francisco results in all of us forced out of the city that is one unhappy way away for many of us not a sustainable way to run a town thank you very much. >> thank you, sir. >> next speaker, please. >> good afternoon. my name is
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richard a resident of district 5 and the i took the day off of work to be here i support the continuance i refute the package for this item seeing this the planning department and commission supported it being aligned with prop c in 2016 prop c which provided 15 percent for low and very low income and also referred the nexus study in november of 2016 and that showed the impact of one hundred units would be 37.6
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condos or 31.8 apartment for 120 ami i believe the legislation should be amended to provide more affordable housing for low and very low income households thank you thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> good afternoon. my name is laurie live in the inner sunset a member of united action he support the continuance and like to see continued even longer and until after the prop c inclusionary ratios are settled the conversion of those two district to ncts have a density bonus program for 9 blocks of fillmore and 12 of divisadero the affordable inclusionary requirement must be greater than than prop c over and above the
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prop c ratio it must not be a divide and conquer that pits households against each other and adversely impacts the low income households needs to be put on hold pending the inclusionary ratios and add to that each of the levels thank you. >> thank you. >> good afternoon. i'm denise and lived and worked or lived in the area four thirty years as a retired person i'm concerned about affordable housing since i rent but i'm more concerned for on the people and families difficult times living here in the city people have been here a like it or not that be are uprooted i support the continuance and want to see more affordable housing worked out so the low and very low income people can find housing